Swift Polling Open Ended Questions sensitive issues sensitive topics list debate topics for students
May 23. 2018

Teaching sensitive topics in the classroom

Students’ behavior and engagement depend greatly on the atmosphere that is created in the classroom. Whenever the learning environment is ...

author: Yeva Karapetyan

text polls team building Employee motivation and engagement Online polls
May 22. 2018

Expert ideas for your employee motivation and engagement strategy

Employee motivation and engagement are essential for any organization. Engaged employees are happy, productive ...

author: Armine Marukyan

Swift Polling engage distracted students in the classroom increase student engagement real-time polling app
May 14. 2018

5 fun ways to engage distracted students in the classroom

Why force students to yawn over a textbook when you can change their distraction into engagement ? Here are some fun ways you can ...

author: Yeva Karapetyan

Swift Polling Audience Response System Text Voting Real-time Polling live polling app Buyer persona
May 10. 2018

How to create a buyer persona with live polls

Marketers must create a buyer persona, a fictional and generalized ...

author: Elen Afrikyan

Live Polling Swift Polling by ExciteM
May 07. 2018

Showcase your live polling results with a new presentation page

Swift polling by ExciteM just ...

author: Armine Marukyan

Best education articles
May 03. 2018

The best 5 education articles of March-April 2018

Here at Swift Polling, we like following education blogs and sharing some good sources with our readers. This ...

author: Armine Marukyan

Text To Vote ExciteM Live Polling Text Voting Open Ended Questions Multiple Choice Questions real-time polling app
Apr 30. 2018

Life With and Without Live Polling

People who use live polling apps know that it makes our lives easier. Real-time polling is the new essential tool, helping us to have better ...

author: Elen Afrikyan

Text To Vote Audience Response System Text Voting live polling app 360-degree appraisal Constructive Feedback
Apr 27. 2018

How to Use Live Polling Apps to Gather Constructive Feedback

Getting constructive feedback from executives or colleagues can be quite difficult. Criticism can make us angry, frustrated and defensive. It ...

author: Elen Afrikyan

Live Polling text polling Forecasting Educated Guess
Apr 24. 2018

How to make an educated guess for good forecasting

  It is crucial in every company to make some predictions about future of the business. While some forecasts fail, others succeed ...

author: Davit Gevorgyan

Text To Vote crowdsourcing ideas text or sms voting real-time polling app
Apr 19. 2018

4 Ways to Crowdsource Ideas at Work

In the 21st century, we have easy access to everything on the Internet – created content, records, work flows and customer files. However, we ...

author: Yeva Karapetyan

Text Voting Real-time Polling live polls Fantastic Results Path to Success
Apr 18. 2018

Simple truth behind fantastic results: Live polls and your path to success

  There are millions of polls created everyday, some receive massive reach, others are left unanswered and untouched. If only ...

author: Davit Gevorgyan

Live Polling Real-time Polling Web Polls live polling app youth event
Apr 13. 2018

How to use live polling to make your youth event truly engaging

If you think you’ll keep the attention of kids at your next youth event by using a gimmick like ...

author: Armine Marukyan

Text To Vote Audience Response System EQ Emotional Intelligence
Apr 12. 2018

3 Tips to Enhance Emotional Intelligence at Work

Recently, we have heard a lot about a soft skill called emotional intelligence or EQ. But few people really understand what it is. In short, ...

author: Elen Afrikyan

Real-time Polling live learning live sessions
Apr 09. 2018

Live Learning: The Future of Online Education

We are all living in this unique time when we experience the fusion of physical and digital worlds every day. The convergence of these two ...

author: Yeva Karapetyan

steps to success How to be more influential 3 principles to influence live polls
Apr 08. 2018

How to create more influential polls: Simple steps to success

  After failing to make a purchase at your desired price or getting a promotion that you clearly deserve, you stop for a minute ...

author: Davit Gevorgyan

Text To Vote ExciteM Audience Response System Interactive Presentation Fear of Public Speaking
Apr 06. 2018

4 tips to overcome the fear of public speaking

You are standing on a stage in front of a large audience. Your hands are shaking, your voice is not confident and you are forgetting your ...

author: Elen Afrikyan

text polls online surveys newsletter 6 tips viral content
Apr 03. 2018

6 Tips to create content that can go viral

We all remember when South Korean singer Psy shook the internet with his song “

author: Davit Gevorgyan

Text Voting Real-time Polling Open Ended Questions Leadership Styles How to be a great leader
Apr 03. 2018

4 tools to be a great leader

Leadership is a lifestyle. If you want to have an amazing culture in your organization or team, then you need to choose what kind of leader you ...

author: Elen Afrikyan

Swift Polling Text Voting Real-time Polling meeting management team building 21st century skills staff meeting
Apr 01. 2018

The meeting management guide: 21st century skills

The meetings can be short or long, boring or interactive, well-managed or badly organized. The only thing that is important is their ...

author: Yeva Karapetyan

online surveys vacation gift paradox of choice text polling
Mar 29. 2018

How our mind works: The paradox of choice

You walk into restaurant look through the menu at more than hundred dishes, but after 20 minutes you order what had the day before and walk ...

author: Davit Gevorgyan