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Mar 24. 2018

Why and how to use polling apps in churches

A church is a big family comprised of many members. As in every family, love, understanding and prosperity come when the members share their ...

author: Elizabeth Keshishyan

Audience engagement Q & A sessions Audience Polling Presentations text polls
Mar 22. 2018

The Art of Hosting Successful Q&A Sessions at Presentations

A Q and A session seems like a pretty simple thing, but just the thought of it is often a ...

author: Armine Marukyan

ExciteM Gamification Live Polling Real-time Polling Games on-air polls and quizzes hqtrivia liveshow live shows
Mar 22. 2018

How to Create Your Own HQ Live Show?

Hundreds of thousands of people are gathering around their phones every day to play a revolutionary new game called HQ Trivia, in which users ...

author: Yeva Karapetyan

Text To Vote Swift Polling Text Voting Real-time Polling Audience engagement
Mar 16. 2018

Spark your talent shows with Swift Polling

  A talent show is a great opportunity for participants to showcase their skills by performing talents of singing, dancing, ...

author: Yeva Karapetyan

Text To Vote Swift Polling Text Voting Real-time Polling digital tools student learning
Mar 15. 2018

3 digital tools to enhance student learning

  There is a generation which surpasses previous ones by being the most educated in history, having incredible ability to ...

author: Davit Gevorgyan

Live Audience Participation Conference Voting Event Voting Conference Event Planning ExciteM HTML5 Polling Widget Audience Response Systems Survey Polling Voting Real-time Polling Engagement Engaging Second screen experience interactive activities
Mar 11. 2018

Case study: How to engage your visitors during trade shows, exhibitions and conferences

Companies spend enormous amounts of time and effort to create and deliver the most relevant, interesting and captivating content at trade shows. ...

author: Karen Atalyants

engage distracted students in the classroom collaborative activities increase student engagement polls and quizzes interactive activities text polling tools
Mar 08. 2018

How to Engage Distracted Students in the Classroom

  Many students don’t have a long enough attention span to make it to the end of this ...

author: Armine Marukyan

Swift Polling Live Q&A Texting Tool Employee Trainings Open Ended Questions Multiple Choice Questions Training
Mar 05. 2018

How to boost the effectiveness of your employee training

Most companies only pay attention to training new employees, but research shows that consistently promoting ...

author: Mariam Nazaryan

adience feedback survey tool open ended multiple choice Q&A
Mar 02. 2018

Introducing a new tool to gather audience feedback

Gathering audience feedback using paper questionnaires or surveys can consume precious time and effort. Swift ...

author: Mariam Nazaryan

Swift Polling Company culture Organizational citizenship Employee satisfaction Anonymous online surveys
Feb 26. 2018

7 Tips to Boost Organizational Citizenship

  A strong company culture based on core values and principles shared between all employees is ...

author: Armine Marukyan

interactive presentation ideas best practices PowerPoint presentation
Feb 06. 2018

50+ Resources about Presentations

  Giving a presentation can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be with the right tools and information. Below we provide ...

author: Elizabeth Keshishyan

Interactive Presentations Audience engagement interactive presentation ideas creative interactive presentation examples creative audience participation ideas
Feb 05. 2018

Interactive Presentations: The Definitive Guide 2018

  Have you ...

author: Armine Marukyan

Powerpoint Integration event event moderator participants
Feb 02. 2018

5 tips to be a good event moderator

  The moderator is one of the key persons of every event. His or her role is crucial in ensuring ...

author: Mariam Nazaryan

Live Audience Participation Second Screen Voting Second Screen Live Polling Second screen experience on-air video Youtube Demo video
Jan 24. 2018

Audience engagement with video content (a demo included)

Video streaming technology is developing rapidly and finding more everyday applications than we could expect. The availability and simplicity of ...

author: Karen Atalyants

Presentation PowerPoint Interactive Slides Games Engaging
Jan 18. 2018

7 interactive games for your presentation 

  People almost always struggle with organising their presentations in a way that will be engaging ...

author: Mariam Nazaryan

ExciteM Interactive Television Television Voting Audience Response System Real-time Polling SMS/Web Voting Engagement
Jan 14. 2018

ExciteM: Origins and History

  ExciteM, a leader in interactive reserach and audience engagement, began as a way to help a college student wake up for his ...

author: Elizabeth Keshishyan

Presentation PowerPoint Real-time Real-time Polling Interactive Presentations
Jan 14. 2018

4 advantages that real-time polling adds to your presentation

 If you want your presentation to stand out, you need to add something unique and memorable to it. ...

author: Mariam Nazaryan

Presentation Audience Swift Polling Audience Response System SMS/Web Voting Q&A Session Engagement Polls Interactive Presentations Hacks SlidesCarnival Prezi Visuals Font Style
Jan 11. 2018

5 techniques to make your super long presentation seem like a breeze

Sometimes speakers have to make long presentations, whether the time is needed to go in-depth on a complex topic or because the event organizers ...

author: Anahit Babayan

Conference Voting SMS Polling Interactive Presentations Icebreaker Voting Questions
Jan 05. 2018

4 new manager icebreaker tips for integration & effective teamwork

Every single thing on this planet has a lifecycle: food perishes, clothes wear out, businesses mature and people age.

author: Elizabeth Keshishyan

Questions Real-time Polling Meetings Company Meetings Engagement Efficient Challenges Polls
Jan 04. 2018

Say no to inefficient company meetings: 5 ideas to make your meetings interactive and efficient

  We all know how things go during casual company meetings. Usually, most of the employees are ...

author: Mariam Nazaryan